Stay Ahead in Cybersecurity

In today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape

organizations face unprecedented challenges in protecting their digital assets and sensitive information.
Cyber threats have become more sophisticated, persistent, and targeted, demanding proactive measures to effectively mitigate risks.

At Kraken, we understand the gravity of these challenges. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to stay one step ahead of malicious actors.

  • Pioneering European cybersecurity company
  • Offering both in-house and integrated solutions from trusted partners
  • Global network of research and development centers driving innovation

Our Team

  • Seasoned experts with deep knowledge of today’s cyber threats
  • Decades of combined industry expertise
  • Driving groundbreaking innovation and deploying state-of-the-art systems

Join Kraken and stay ahead in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

Our Products



The most secure chat solution for internal communication 
and operations

Meet Casper

Chat System Designed for LEA’s and intelligence operations Discover the power of secure communication with Casper, the ultimate solution tailored for government and intelligence organizations. We prioritize the critical nature of your internal communications and understand the utmost importance of information security. Whether it’s ongoing internal communication or active intelligence operations, your sensitive data is kept highly secure with Casper, enabling successful operations and protecting human life.

Key Features

Bullet-Proof Communication

Casper provides immune communication, resistant to software hacking. Unlike software-based messaging apps, Casper operates on the hardware layer for enhanced security.

Stay One Step Ahead

Our cutting-edge features are tailored to your organization's unique needs. Efficient, secure, and safe communication with internal and undercover teams. Encrypted messaging, secure file sharing, and comprehensive access controls.

Hardware-Based Solutions

Casper is built on SIM-to-SIM messaging technology without the need for a server, log, or archive.

cyber security external
scan & alert layer

Meet Zorion

In today’s ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, relying solely on internal protection and reactive measures puts organizations at risk. Traditional Threat Intelligence solutions often lack forward-looking capabilities, leaving organizations exposed to potential threats. Zorion offers an innovative approach that goes beyond these limitations.

Our Solution

Promptly detects

and assesses imminent risks of breaches and malicious events

Empowers organizations

to take immediate and decisive action, safeguarding sensitive information

Stay one step ahead

with Zorion's cutting-edge technology, reducing risks and strengthening defense against emerging threats

Our Operational Process:

In-depth technical

research and advanced reverse engineering to analyze attacker context


Leveraging our expansive database of over 75 million daily threat alerts for targeted asset notifications


you with essential context and information to respond swiftly and effectively to attacks and vulnerabilities

Benefits of Zorion

  • Comprehensive analysis and timely notifications for proactive threat mitigation
  • Streamlined approach to address emerging risks swiftly and ensure robust security
  • Safeguard valuable assets with unmatched protection.

Product Highlights:

Malware Data-Lake:

- Exclusive library of IOC and IOC feeds. - Built on cutting-edge cyber-tech solution

Botnet and APT Alerts:  

Identify compromised networks by Advanced Persistent Threats  (APTs).

Breach Intelligence:

Unique access to leaked passwords, credentials, and emails associated with Botnets and APTs.

Vulnerabilities Research:

- Research on vulnerabilities of released CVEs. - Scans IPs and ports to identify vulnerabilities.


State-level network monitoring utilizing external resources.

Stay ahead in the cybersecurity realm with Zorion's comprehensive solution. Trust us to protect your organization and confidently tackle the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

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